Experiential game grabs attention of Sydney sun-seekers


Australia’s tropical climate is well-loved by residents and tourists alike.

People travel from all across the world to visit the miles of sandy beaches and bask in the country’s glorious sunshine.

But all that sunshine comes at a price and alongside New Zealand, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.


To encourage Australian residents to slap on the sunscreen, Cancer Institute NSW recently launched a fun experiential stunt for beachgoers at Bondi Beach in Sydney.

Transforming sun protection into a game, the Institute adapted an ordinary bus stop into a sunscreen dispensing claw machine.

No doubt awakening nostalgic memories of hours spent on arcade machines, passers-by were challenged to put their skills to the test as they tried to manoeuvre the claw and grab the prize inside.

Just like the classic game, the mechanical claw was operated by simple left, right and go buttons on the side of the machine.


Those who rose to the challenge and won were rewarded with a free SPF50+ sunscreen. A few skilled individuals were even lucky enough to grab two or three!

The bus shelter was also kitted out with specialist wraps to shade the commuters from the damaging UV rays.

The claw machine attracted a lot of attention from passers-by and had an instant impact with many people immediately using their sunscreen prize.

Watch the Bondi crowd take on the claw:

Just like the dancing experiential billboard for Parkinson’s, this stunt shows that creative outdoor experiential marketing can be an effective medium to raise awareness for important causes and bring home a valuable message.

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