eHarmony spreads the love with ‘Random Acts of Romance’


When was the last time you experienced an act of romance?

This August, in celebration of Romance Awareness Month, premium dating website eHarmony pumped romance back into the air. For the occasion, Because Australasia orchestrated carefully curated ‘Random Acts of Romance’, surprising morning commuters with a charming and entertaining acapella trio serenading passersby with love song and delighting them with romantic gifts and free giveaways.eharmony11112.png

eHarmony was inspired to help Sydney’s lovelorn when their latest national survey revealed that over two-thirds (69%) of Australian singles have not experienced an act of romance in the past year, with another close to half (49%) not even sure the last time they romanced.

The campaign offered some impactful and cost-effective street based creativity, allowing us to create a surprising yet delightful moment. ‘With this simple and creative approach, we managed to create a stunt that was memorable, got people talking on the day and online and ultimately tried to drive new subscriptions to our website, which is key for us’, says Michelle Cook, Senior Marketing Manager at eHarmony Australia.eharmony1113.png

To drive further reach, we captured the hilarious and touching reactions of the public therefore ensuring the digital amplification of the experiential content. In other words, we talked to the few to amplify to the many. eHarmony definitely made some Sydneysiders day magical and memorable!

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