Don’t look down! A jaw-dropping brand experience


You simply can’t beat the power of an unexpected brand experience, when it checks all the boxes.

An unusual location. A tantalising, highly targeted one-of-a-kind brand opportunity. Perfect timing.

If your experiential marketing approach ticks off this checklist, then you’re guaranteed to be on to a winner.

Cliffside Shop 1.jpg

And as surprise experiences go, they don’t come much bigger or better than the Cliffside Shop.

Taking experiential marketing to dizzying new heights, quite literally, 37.5® Technology set out on a mission to give climbers the very best gear at the time that they needed it most: mid-climb.

How? With a pop-up shop at an elevation of 6,296 feet, of course.

Certainly not for the faint of heart, this inspiring brand experience from US-based textile engineer Cocona saw a branded booth constructed and suspended from the cliffside in Boulder County, Colorado. Quickly catching the attention of gifted climbers in the area, it was an opportunity that was simply too good to miss for some.

Cliffside Shop 2.jpg

Described by one participant as “the primest real estate in Border County,” the strongest climbers embraced the vast challenge head-on to be met by one exceedingly brave brad representative – Dave Bywater, an 11-year climbing ranger (and VP of Commercial & Military Sales at 37.5® Technology, no less) who manned the shop from sunrise to sunset ready to emerge from his temporary residence and offer free clothing to the pluckiest of climbers, all of whom finished their climb absolutely delighted.

A truly unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime moment, the experience was made even stronger by the company pledging to donate money to the Action Committee for Eldorado to fix old and decaying bolts, in return for every climber that visited the shop. Unsurprisingly, the stunt’s captivating visuals led to over 100,000 YouTube views in just a matter of days.

Surprise and delight is a sure-fire way to kickstart a great customer relationship. From JetBlue’s Bermuda vacation giveaways to Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man prank, taking the time to deliver a very personal and memorable moment always pays dividends in the long run.

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