Dayrize: Get your goods whilst doing good


A new sustainable e-commerce platform promises to change the way we shop for the better with its one-of-a-kind Dayrize score-rating system, and we’re all for it.


By now, most of us are familiar with the concept of pocket-voting. Every time you buy something, you’re pledging your support for not only the brand that made what you’re buying, but for everything it stands for. In short, it boils down to this: the way you shop has a direct impact on the planet.

It highlights the fact that our real-world actions as consumers come with a moral responsibility. So, it immediately plays into our emotional and ethical reasons for buying just about anything. Research shows that, given the choice, most people would rather buy from sustainable sources, or a brand that shares their personal values. But, this is also where it gets tricky. Even if two products are identical in their functional benefits – let’s say two different shampoos that both deliver equally in health and shine – how exactly does one choose between the one that claims to save the rainforest versus the one that says it’s keeping plastic out of our oceans?

This is where comes in. At face value you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just another e-commerce platform with a sustainability angle. And while it does bring together the best sustainably-sourced fashion, homeware, and health and beauty products in one curated marketplace, what sets it apart is the fact that each product is assigned a sustainability rating, AKA the Dayrize score. A quantifiable, comparable measure that not only changes the way you pocket-vote, but may just change the sustainable e-commerce industry as a whole.

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How is this score determined? Well, that’s exactly what makes Dayrize such a game-changer. According to co-founder, Eva Gladek, the traditional evaluation process for determining the total environmental impact of a product is an expensive and laborious one. Instead, Dayrize uses Lucy – its own groundbreaking, proprietary technology and sustainability assessment tool. What’s the big deal? Well, an assessment that would normally cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete, Lucy can churn out in mere minutes using a set of complex algorithms and data points. This eliminates two major obstacles for smaller brands who want to grow in the sustainability space – time and money.

Once Lucy’s worked her magic, she assigns the product a Dayrize score out of a 100. The higher the score, the better (or kinder) the product is on the planet. It’s a tangible measure that anyone can understand and use to make a quick, informed buying decision.


What we at Because love most about this idea, is how it’s upending the big data status quo. As more and more of our world is governed (and often manipulated) by algorithms, it’s great to see this type of tech being used for good. It’s the latest in a long trend of absolute transparency. And while companies like Netflix have successfully been using this broad philosophy on an internal frontier for quite some time, and with great success, Dayrize is testing it out on a consumer level for the whole world to see.

It’s a great example of how brands can be incentivised to create more sustainable products and, in doing so, appeal to the rapidly growing sustainably conscious market. That’s where our heads are at and what we’d like to help our brands work on – finding new ways to use data and creative tech to ensure the planet, and her people all win. Sound good? Give us a shout.  

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