Dance for business.


Meet the revolutionary ebike service that empowers employees with a smoother, maintenance-free and more sustainable ride. Simply put, Dance’s new offering Dance for Business is good for your team, it’s good for the planet, and its engaging, easy and fun! (2)

In our constantly changing world, where climate change is an ever-pressing issue, one thing you can bank on going forward (especially if you speak to any Gen-Zer) is that doing good for the planet is going to be good for your bottom line too. Sustainability is no longer simply a nice-to-have, the future success of a brand demands it. And one such sustainably powered idea that has us excited here at Because HQ is Dance, and as of this week Dance for Business, the game-changing, subscription-based electric mobility benefit that’s put the joy back into urban commuting for employees, and gives employers the option to offer this compelling product to their employees as a benefit.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Dance is the video title of a TikTok star’s epic bike acrobatics. In actual fact, it’s a very innovative startup that offers members ebikes or emopeds and brings together creative tech with state-of-the-art product design and an incredibly smart business model to deliver a seamless commuting experience with sustainability at its very core.

Ebikes are not exactly new, so why the hype? For starters, Dance is based on an all-inclusive, subscription-based model, and their concierge service means you’ll never have to change a tyre or have the hassle of costly maintenance that comes with ebike ownership. And in Germany, they also offer emopeds, a great option if you need to cover a longer distance. As they say themselves, “Just ride – we’ll take care of the rest.”

Designed from scratch, the team at Dance have created a product that looks to have the sophistication that you’d expect from Apple, only in bike form. The service works in tandem with a nifty app that turns your phone into a ‘powerful bike dashboard’ that’ll share your real-time insights about your ride, including the CO2 you’ve saved by opting for an ebike ride versus a car. Simply put, Dance is good for you, it’s good for the planet, and its engaging, easy and fun!

However, as we know, a great product in itself isn’t enough these days. What makes this brand all the more likely to be a trailblazing success is the fact that it’s underpinned by a powerful brand purpose: to be the driving force behind more bike-friendly, liveable cities. And not forgetting, seeing as the creators have already had a hand in transforming the music industry, we wouldn’t put it past them to achieve this ambitious goal.

Chat to us if you’d like to see how your business can find (dare we say it?) the happy dance between purpose and profit.

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