Daimaru creates blooming magical experience


Despite living in a world full of impressive and advanced technology, it’s still often the little things in life that bring us the most joy. Like when spring flowers bloom for the first time each year. That’s something that simply can’t be replaced.

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Japanese department store Daimaru cleverly hooked on to this simple pleasure in life and decided to recreate the moment in an incredibly creative way – initiating pure happiness from those who witnessed the stunt.

The store filled its shop window with 3,000 artificial flowers that opened in response to movement. The ‘Flower Mirror’ was created by using a combination of sensors and motors, that meant when someone walked past the window, the flowers would open in response, creating intricate patterns and shapes.

Consumers were seen voluntarily engaging with the stunt – waving their arms around, running side to side, and even taking selfies in front of it to share on their social channels.

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The simple yet effective activation from Daimaru was a great way to raise awareness of the store’s 300th anniversary, and to generate a buzz amongst the Japanese market.

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There’s no doubt that the magic of this campaign will be spread through word of mouth praise.

Experiential marketing is a great way for a brand to bring something magical to life – a tried-and-tested way to cut through the noise, grab consumer attention and, as a result, build brand loyalty.

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