Corona beer ups the chill factor amid coronavirus chaos


In recent weeks, fears over the spread of coronavirus have swept the globe. 

While some brands have temporarily benefited from consumers stocking up on the likes of hand sanitizer, toilet roll and tinned goods, others are experiencing the more negative effects.

Staff shortages, event cancellations and supply chain issues are just some, but one brand is facing an entirely different challenge.

Corona, owned by AB InBev, is facing a dip in sales because, you guessed it, it shares its name with the virus.

Corona Seltzer 2

Despite the beer brand assuring consumers that coronavirus has not damaged its image, a survey released by 5W Public Relations found that 38% of beer-drinking Americans would not buy Corona under any circumstances due to coronavirus fears, which created much mockery on social media

Unfortunately, the timing of the brand’s digital marketing plan didn’t help the situation. It had to manage criticism for a tweet promoting its new hard Seltzer variety with a caption, “Coming Ashore Soon”. Feedback suggested this was ill-timed considering the spread of the virus.

The tweet has since been deleted though the brand stood by its ad, which aimed to show the new product arriving by boat, alongside its legacy “find your beach” tagline.

Remaining cool-headed and reinforcing its laid-back brand values, Corona recruited the help of rapper Snopp Dogg for a campaign called ‘La Vida Mas Fina,’ which translates to ‘the finest life’. It describes the Corona lifestyle as an “antidote to living in an ‘always on’ world”.

The goal of the campaign is to represent an ensemble of personalities that embody Corona’s ‘vibe’. Snoop Dogg is the first influencer in a series of ‘relaxed mavericks’ who each express the virtues of easy living and how Corona fits into their lives.

Time will tell whether Corona’s feel-good marketing efforts with be effective in fighting negative sentiment and boost brand love. In the meantime, take a look at our guide to beating Coronavirus in business with virtual events

Fun celebrities can help to bring energy and positivity to a brand campaign. Snoop Dogg has been recruited before with Dunkin Donuts new product launch, while Will Smith went undercover in Bad Boys for Lyft campaign.

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