Swisse Color Run experience


BEcause Account Manager Gary Whelan is currently on secondment at our Sydney office  – oh what a chore that must be!


Last weekend he ran the Sydney Swisse Colour Run, a fundraising event that celebrates fitness and health in a very colourful way…

Waking up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to get covered in paint and sweat sounds more like a frustrating but necessary house chore than a fun and healthy experience!

I was one of the 20,000 sleepy but energetic participants in the Sydney Swisse Colour Run on Sunday which is an American concept created to celebrate health and fitness whilst raising money for a local charity. Labeled as the ‘Happiest 5km on the planet’ the Colour Run is a 5km course for participants to run, walk, hop or log roll around with colour stations positioned at every km checkpoint. 


Starting the race in a bright white t-shirt the run descends into madness with every man, woman and child looking very different as they cross the finishing line! The only drawback being the lack of showers and the long journey home covered in baked on paint!

The event itself is a great example of using the basic things in life to bring people together and celebrates being healthy and active. I was unable to keep the smile (and paint) off my face for the remainder of the day and this was evident in everyone’s eyes as we danced around at the ‘Finish Line’ Festival. Multivitamin brand Swisse was the main sponsor and was very prominent throughout the race – claiming to support “energy, stamina and vitality” it was the perfect brand fit for the event.swisse_colour_run_3

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