Colgate experiences tackles water waste in Russia


Experiential marketing’s greatest strength is its ability to reach out and directly make a personal connection.

Whether the goal is to drive brand awareness, deliver a fun memory or shape public opinion, there’s simply no other tactic that packs such a powerful punch.

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Established dental care brand Colgate collaborated with Russian hotel chain AZIMUT to deliver a finely-targeted experiential campaign with a simple message: make a big difference through a small change.

The educational ‘Every Drop Counts’ campaign made clever use of bathroom mirrors at AZIMUT hotels across Russia.

Colgate used anti-condensation substances and waterproof markers to write a multitude of campaign messages on mirrors throughout AZIMUT’s chain, which would only appear if a room steamed up to a sufficient – and unnecessary – level through excessive water use.

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By doing so, both brands made sure that a highly targeted audience group was reached with the right message at the right time: one that will make them think twice when they next turn on the tap.

The stunt forms part of Colgate’s much wider drive to influence and change attitudes towards water waste, starting with the simplest of actions: making sure the faucet is switched off when brushing teeth.

So far, the brand claims that over 45,000 people have spread the word with #EveryDropCounts – no doubt helped along the way by Olympian Michael Phelps and other key social influencers – which equates to a saving of 364,440 gallons of water every day from people pledging to think twice about water and turn off the tap when it’s not needed.

Of course, on a global scale that’s a drop in the ocean, but Colgate’s well-rounded approach shows how an inventive experiential stunt can work closely alongside digital and social media and influencer marketing to make sure a message gets heard, loud and clear.

It’s easy to take H2O for granted, but this precious resource has been central to some great experiential campaigns. BBVA Continental Bank unveiled water-dispensing ATMs in Peru to bring to life water’s value, while Sydney Water’s 360 degree video took consumers from a ‘source to tap’ journey at 2017’s Royal Easter Show. Refreshing.

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