Castrol delights truckers with experiential loyalty scheme


Being a truck driver can be a solitary experience. Spending many hours clocking up the miles each and every day, it’s a notoriously tough lifestyle and definitely not an occupation that you’d associate with relaxation and massages.Castrol_Drive_On

With this in mind, automotive lubricant brand Castrol wanted to make life on the road that little bit easier for Vietnamese truckers and their vehicles.

But how to reach a target that’s always on the move? Castrol turned to the most important object that every truck driver carries with them on the road – their mobile phone. Always on the go, it’s the drivers’ essential tool to stay constantly connected.

Creating the ‘Drive On’ app, Castrol-branded pit stops were placed at main truck terminals throughout Vietnam, with promotional staff collecting a range of data about the drivers’ trucks as well as their contact information in order to build their app profile.Castrol_Drive_On_1

The proposition was very much benefit-led: stocked with driver-friendly perks including towels, free coffee, snacks and massage chairs, the more times a driver ‘checks in’ to pit stops on the app, the more perks and rewards would be gained.

If that wasn’t enough, by using the information collected from the app, drivers were sent SMS messages informing them of nearby indulgent Castrol pit stops and notifying them when their vehicle’s oil next needed to be changed. Their own brand was recommended for this, of course.

By creating a technology-driven loyalty scheme and coupling this with a live brand experience at the branded pit stops, Castrol was able to better understand, target and market to this very hard-to-reach audience.

Similar to The Brussel’s Auto Show activation, Castrol’s campaign uses technology in a useful and memorable way that truly rewards customers for their brand loyalty.

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