Carrefour brand experience lets you shop like a Jedi


Admit it. At some point in your life you’ve imagined what it would be like to have the power to move objects with just your mind.

Supermarket Carrefour recently tapped into this childhood dream with an experiential stunt that gave shoppers the chance to shop just like a Jedi!

To coincide with the opening weekend of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, lucky shoppers at one of the Romanian stores were invited to use the power of the force to select their weekly shop.Carrefour_1.jpg

Standing in front of an interactive billboard, shoppers could choose from the entire Carrefour range. Instead of physically placing items inside an actual trolley, however, they swiped, grabbed and waved their selected item into a virtual trolley.

Once they had finished choosing their items, their shopping was waiting for them at the till point – and, of course, as the brand experience was held in joint promotion with the new movie, the Jedi shoppers also had the option to buy a wide range of Star Wars merchandise.

Using simple Kinect technology paired with an interactive screen, the Jedi shopping billboard attracted considerable attention from adults and children alike.Carrefour_2.jpg

An encouraging crowd gathered to cheer on the shoppers and everyone had a slightly different technique on how to best channel the force. Some opted for a slow and steady approach while others chose small, quick movements.

See the Carrefour Jedis at work here:

We’ve seen many brands jump on the Star Wars promotional bandwagon in recent months (LEGO’s recent bus stop selfie stunt immediately springs to mind), but this interactive campaign really grabbed our attention.

It’s memorable, engaging and uses simple but effective technology to create a long-lasting brand memory for consumers.

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