Capture-ing the vibrant spirit of Jose Cuervo 

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Shaking, stirring and shooting colourful content for socials and beyond. 

Jose Cuervo

A few years back, we raised our glasses to successfully creating a cohesive global brand identity for Jose Cuervo (check out the case study), and have since managed the iconic brand’s global social presence. Fast forward to today, and we were asked once more to stir up the brand’s social. This time, our brief was to develop a fresh bank of visual assets for its social platforms to last for the foreseeable future. 

The assets and budget needed to work hard – supporting the brand’s various content pillars and connecting with a diverse global audience, all while reinforcing Jose Cuervo’s status as the cool, authentic, premium tequila. While primarily for use on social media, the content also needed to be versatile enough to work across various media touchpoints. 

Jose Cuervo

This presented the perfect opportunity for our newly established creative content arm, Capture, to flex its muscles. In case you missed it, Capture by Because, is an agile, human-led, AI-powered content agency that crafts scroll-stopping visual content.  

In a digitally savvy world, where content is being consumed faster than say, tequila shots, brands need to be able to roll out fresh and engaging visual content on an ongoing basis if they want to stay top of mind and grow their share of voice. Often times, brands rely on banks of images for this, which can limit creative and results in content that can come across as, to use the technical term, a bit meh

Capture steps in to solve that, blending human creativity and the seasoned marketing expertise of our global team with the cost-efficient capabilities of AI. The result? Content that’s affordable, adaptable and connects – just what the brief ordered. 

A picture can speak a thousand words, and we knew we wanted to harness the storytelling power of every image to evoke the vibrant energy of Jose Cuervo. With that in mind, our concept, colourful connection, embraced a striking visual aesthetic that showcased the brand’s core colours. The visual imagery spoke the tale of a spirit like no other, as told through real moments designed to make the audience not just see, but feel the energy. 
Knowing that the most intense part of production shoots is often the setup, we came up with a gameplan to get the most content out of every environment. To deliver the best value for our client, our strategy was to shoot the content in a variety of ways to stretch across all the media and maximise the amount of assets created.  

The shoot took place across nine distinct and carefully stylised locations over three days. We used multiple camera set-ups while shooting simultaneously, one camera focussing on the story and another on the close-up ensuring the product was the hero. Our team went all out creating inventive camera rigs that showcased the product from dynamic angles, making for truly engaging content. 

From the fast-paced setups to the meticulous styling, we recorded all the behind-the-scenes footage to showcase the passion that went into making the magic happen. We also captured dynamic B-roll footage using a variety of camera rigs to really engage the audience in a unique way, all shot on iPhone to embrace a user-generated feel. 

Jose Cuervo

On top of this, we had two stills photographers capturing high-quality stills in both high-flash and more natural ambient light for maximum versatility. 

To keep things on track and make sure all key objectives were met, our fantastic team of art directors and social editors were on hand with a live feed direct to client in the UK for fast approvals. Did we mention the shoot took place in the affordable Cape Town, South Africa 🤔? 

And that’s a wrap. 

With budgets getting leaner and audiences craving authentic content, this shoot has opened up exciting possibilities for future content shoots. Not only did we deliver a cocktail of content to last Jose Cuervo a good couple of years, we showed the need (and solution) for content creation that’s both budget friendly and high production.  

If you’re looking to stir up your brand’s social feed and beyond, the next one’s on us 😉

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