Cadbury’s Worldwide Hide: A digital Easter egg hunt without borders


Cadbury has launched a virtual Easter egg hunt experience and you’re invited to be the bunny. Where can you hide your eggs? Anywhere in the world!


Easter eggs are a simple but satisfying pleasure – no matter how old you are, where you live or what your sugary preference may be. Sadly, this year Easter looks set to be under lockdown for several countries globally, which means the traditional egg hunts will be strictly close-family affairs in quarantined backyards and homes. But all is not lost as Cadbury has hatched an innovative solution – The Worldwide Hide!

Thanks to help from their agency VCCP, the Worldwide Hide has turned the traditional Easter egg hunt into a virtual one using Google Maps. The hider has two options: purchase a Cadbury Easter Egg from a special Cadbury Worldwide Hide range (their seeker will physically receive this once they’ve found the egg online), or simply hide a virtual Easter egg for free for a loved one to find. They’ve also bolstered the whole experience with an immersive cloud-based platform for the hunt with video, social, digital, out-of-home and TV advertising. Their goal: “wanting to help people feel close, even when they can’t be together,” says Markéta Kristlová, senior brand manager Easter U.K., Mondelēz International.

While this offer only works for delivery in the UK, it’s an early roadmap for similar projects in the future, and it’s part of one of the trends we called earlier this year – geolocation technology. Even our favourite new social media platform relies totally on it (if you haven’t heard of Pinza® yet, you will soon!)

While the Worldwide Hide is an egg-cellent example (sorry I couldn’t resist that!) of using geolocation and augmented reality (AR), it’s just the tip of the Easter egg when it comes to all the possibilities that this new technology provides. Our secret weapon at Because has always being creative technology, and one of our favourite cutting-edge digital tools to use right now is Virtual Atoms. These smart digital assets (NFTs) are a Virtual Media, built on a blockchain platform, that have the ability to revolutionise the way you connect with your customers (take a look at the campaigns we’ve recently done for Carlton & United Breweries and Benefit Cosmetics). Virtual Atoms would also be the perfect digital tool to use to create a branded treasure-hunt campaign just like this one…something we’d be happy to help Cadbury’s with 😉

So, as the Cadbury site says, ‘the eggs are ready, the hiding spots are waiting and the world is at your fingertips. It’s time to hide an Easter egg’ for someone you love. Happy hiding, happy hunting and happy Easter to all of our wonder readers!

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