Cadburys creates an egg-scellent eatertainment experience


Do we really need Easter as a reason to over-indulge on delicious chocolate? Of course not!  

The typical Brit will munch through almost 1.5 tonnes of chocolate, worth more than £12,000, in their lifetime, according to a study.

And in uncertain times of the coronavirus, Brexit and climate change, sales are predicted to keep climbing as we reach for the chocolate for comfort. UK spending is predicted to top £1.1 billion  over Easter weekend alone.

Whether you’re after a classic milk chocolate egg or a work of confectionery art (hand-painted shells anyone?) brands are pulling out all the stops for Easter.

Quintessentially British chocolate brand, Cadbury, teamed up with retailer, John Lewis, on a nostalgic-evoking Easter campaign to spread brand love for its Easter favourite, Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

The joyful experience was based on the brand’s new ‘Eatertainment’ video-streaming platform which was brought to life in a retro video shop in John Lewis’ flagship London store.

Cadburys EATertainment 1

Visitors were transported into an old-school video shop where they could physically browse the titles available on the Eatertainment platform and watch content highlights.

The tongue-in-cheek titles such as Armeggedoon, the Gooru and The Other Half put the humble Crème Egg as the hero of the piece.

Cadburys EATertainment 2

To promote the launch of the brand’s all new Easter tin options, visitors could pick up and personalise a special movie inspired tin, exclusive to John Lewis & Partners, which could be filled with goodies, such as Cadbury Creme Eggs.

The fun and interactive experiential experience helped to bring the Creme Egg into a new retail environment, while raising awareness and capturing the playfulness of its humorous new video streaming platform.

Playfully imitating the key players of digital streaming such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, the platform hosts a wide range of cinematic short films, including a mindful-mess series and brain-gasmic ASMR episodes.

Cadburys EATertainment 3

Unique eating experiences are proving an effective way to build brand love and bring fun to the food industry, like the wacky Hotella Nutella takeover and Old El Paso’s fun restaurant pop-up.

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