British Gas “Sustainability Café” launch


Last weekend we launched a new 6-week summer roadshow for British Gas, featuring a Sustainability Café built from a recyclable shipping container.

The British Gas Sustainable Energy Space made its debut at the Bristol Balloon Festival, which was held on 11-14th August. It will next appear at new Hampton Court event, A Jolly Day Out, from 26-29th August, followed by four county shows in Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Berkshire and Worcestershire during September. The new roadshow is designed to provide a welcoming platform for British Gas to talk to consumers about sustainable energy ideas and solutions.

Visitors are able to enjoy free teas and coffees, whilst picking up energy-saving tips, and learning more about British Gas’ sustainable initiatives –smart meters, EnergySmart, free insulation for British Gas customers, energyshare (its partnership with River Cottage), A-rated boilers and microgeneration solutions such as Solar PV and Solar Thermal. To reinforce the sustainability messages, we ensured that the entire experience is built with a strong eye on sustainability.  All wood is from FSC regulated forests, waste is being recycled and all café equipment will be donated to local community-run kitchens at the end of the campaign. In addition, power used to run the café at the first 3 events is being matched back into the Grid from 100 per cent British renewable sources.

The remaining events will be powered by a containerised solar PV solution. And any carbon generated during transportation of the shipping container is being offset by PURE, the clean plant trust. Karen Evans, managing director of BEcause, comments: “British Gas is at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, and this roadshow will take that message in a friendly, conversational manner to discerning family audiences around the UK.

Having created a very successful exhibition for British Gas at last year’s START sustainability festival, we were delighted to be invited to build on that work with this larger summer roadshow.”


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