Plan creates connections all over the world


Plan, the global charity that helps fight child poverty and promotes children’s rights, created this stunt earlier in the year. 


We’ve only just come across this video, but think it is such a simple way to connect a message with the public that it’s worth highlighting.  Plan has been campaigning for years to get more young girls in developing countries into education.  At present, education is mainly for boy with girls having to work from a young age to support themselves and their families.  Plan wants to change this, but they need the support of the public.

One way that the charity has been forging connections with the public is with experiential – and here is one great example of this in action.

The charity set up a large billboard in Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Bern and Melbourne that depicted young girls in work clothes.  When passers-by donated to Plan they were given the opportunity to take a rubber to the image and rub away the work clothes and factory, revealing school uniforms and a classroom underneath. 


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