Key attributes of effective brand ambassadors


When planning a campaign that uses brand ambassadors to encourage consumers to try a product or trust a service.


We make sure we are working with the very best. Here we look at why it’s important to hire the right people to do the talking.

At Because we see the recruitment and retention of effective brand ambassadors as essential to delivering great brand experiences.  When preparing a brand experience all the ideas, planning and training comes down to one moment; the moment a brand ambassador engages with a consumer.  So it is imperative we make that moment count.

What are the key attributes we look for in brand ambassadors?


Every passing consumer matters.  Our brand ambassadors are selected based on their willingness to approach people and ability to deliver the key brand messages.  There is a fine line between being proactive and being a nuisance.  We look for engagement, not bombardment and brand ambassadors who are proactive but also find a way to connect with each consumer individually will help build trust and drive consumer engagement.


We are very aware that brand ambassadors are representing the brand so they need to handle themselves professionally at all times. Recruiting brand ambassadors who take real pride in every job and are professional, yet approachable, will enable them to contribute fully to a live campaign.


It is important that brand ambassadors fully understand the key messages, the product and the broader campaign so they can promote the brand through conversation.  We arm brand ambassadors with the confidence to deal with varied positive and negative questions from consumers by making sure they know the product or service inside out. Beyond training we profile brand ambassadors on every campaign to ensure that they have the right background, experience and passion for the brand they are working for.


Our brand ambassadors have to be able make a strong positive impression and this is achieved by saying the right things clearly and concisely.  Brand ambassadors should be natural communicators who understand how to build rapport quickly with each consumer they encounter.  Selecting brand ambassadors who, quite simply, know how to talk and when to listen will help ensure that consumers walk away from the experience with a positive feeling.  This in turn will massage the desire to purchase and potentially lead to the consumer being a true advocate of the brand and product. image001

A recent survey from Keller Fay suggested that 92% of respondents would trust a brand recommendation from a friend.  We think it is important to tap into that by recruiting and training personable, professional, proactive and plugged-in brand ambassadors who will create real connections with consumers in order to drive trust and advocacy.

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