Hacked pinball machine responds to smiles

Swiss health insurance providers KPT wanted to show that its clients were the happiest in Switzerland, so it hacked a pinball machine so that it was controlled by people’s smiles. 


People could play the game live at Zurich station or online on a bespoke microsite that was linked up to your webcam.pinball_2

It’s a fun stunt that brought KPT to life and made it stand out at Zurich station; the video is also well put together showing a commitment to quality that reflects the brand’s general approach.  We are not sure how this showed that KPT clients were the happiest in Switzerland, but it certainly blended KPT, smiles and fun and surely made some good impressions.

We have seen a growing number of facial recognition stunts recently.  Unmanned experiences that are reactive to the individual create a novel experience that people are bound to talk about.  As the technology continues to improve, I'm sure we will see even more sophisticated facial recognition stunts in the coming years.

Here are some recent examples from Douwe Egberts and Samsung.