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Giant Jamaican stress ball turns heads in Times Square

By Joss Davidge

Have you lost that holiday feeling?   As January marches on this nice experiential campaign in New York caught our eye this week.


The Jamaica Tourist Board recently placed an enormous stress ball in one of the world’s busiest areas, Times Square, urging New Yorkers to "squeeze their burdens away."giant_stress_ball_2

Unfortunately, no non-fictional being has hands big enough to squeeze this gargantuan object, but its looming smiling face managed to turn even the most stony faced New Yorkers frown upside down.  

Further to this, the iconic yellow smiley face in iconic Times Square provided people with an almost irresistible photo opportunity. Creating a hybrid image that people would share online and show their friends, spreading the campaign message beyond the physical location.


This was a simple, positive and disruptive campaign – the giant stress ball simply could not be ignored.  It got thousands of people thinking about getting away from it all.  

Now, who’s up for a trip to Jamaica?

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