Blinkbox stuns shoppers with a teleporter

There we go talking about the importance of building trust on one blog post this week, and here we are showcasing a great example of a brand engaging with an audience by tricking them.


It’s just a fun illusion though…

To announce the fact that TV and Movie Streaming service Blinkbox will grant users’ access to "Star Trek Into Darkness" a whole year before other top providers, the brand devised this stunt in London.  Volunteers were invited to step into a teleportation device and were then beamed to another location in the shopping centre and wandered back looking mildly confused.  

This is also a great example of how a video can dramatically increase the reach of a campaign.  This stunt clearly made a good impression on site, but on top of that this video has secured nearly 2 million views in 10 days.

Here is another nice ambient stunt from Blinkbox that we featured on the Because blog in early August: Dragon skull washes up on Jurassic Coast.