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A sensory retail brand experience in China

By Joss Davidge

Experiential is all about stimulating the senses – and this immersive retail experience from Under Armour is a great example of how stimulating the senses is a great way of connecting consumers with your brand.


Shoppers in Shanghai were transported into the vivid world of sports training in this explosive and all-encompassing experience. The brand designed a sensory-challenging space to tap the most visceral of human senses and connect the Chinese with the Under Armour brand. 

To achieve this, the brand combined striking architecture and visual effects, surround sound, a panoramic film and an impressive celebrity ambassador – Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps.Under_armour_experiential_marketing_brand_experience_3

The shoppers were taken on an immersive and intense brand experience – including entering ‘a sensory decompression chamber’ and watching a 6 minute film of intensive sports training on a 270 degree panoramic screen to then finally emerge in a custom-designed retail space that acted as a minimalist shrine to several core Under Armour products.Under_armour_experiential_marketing_brand_experience_4

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