BMW’s high-speed pitch experience


Getting straight to the point can often be the best way to get a message across – both in marketing and day to day situations.

But making sure ideas hit home in just a few minutes (or even seconds) can often be a challenge.

Take entrepreneurs: their first few seconds of a pitch is by far the most important. But still, so many budding CEOs struggle to capture people’s attention with both speed and ease.BMWpitchstunt Image 1.jpg

However, one company that certainly doesn’t struggle with speed is automotive company BMW.

To promote its new M55Oi model being the world’s fastest start-up accelerator, BMW cleverly turned the meaning on its head and created an amusing experiential stunt.

The brand invited a group of entrepreneurs to a race track in America, and asked them to pitch their start-up business ideas in just two minutes, whilst they raced around in the new car at rapid speed.

Behind the scenes and listening to the pitches were a panel of industry professionals and the prize for the best pitch was the chance to speak on stage at the vast Tech Crunch trade show.BMWpitchstunt Image 2.jpg

The result, captured in an extremely entertaining video, was the tycoons trying their hardest to keep focused as they were thrown around the passenger seat of the cutting-edge vehicle.

Through this experiential activation, BMW not only generated a buzz about its new model in a creative way, but also successfully highlighted it’s a brand that’s forward thinking, innovative and supportive. At the same time, it re-enforced its key brand message that ‘Speed is everything’.

Automotive brands seem to pull out all the stops when it comes to experiential stunts and time and time again impress with their entertaining and creative campaigns, that live on way beyond the activation due to viral video content.

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