Bermuda calls in JetBlue’s surprising brand experience


Modern life sure is busy. It’s a sad reality, but today’s pace is so fast that it’s all too easy to become oblivious to the world and people around us.

Too often we walk along the street with our heads buried in our phones, choosing which song to play next or fixated on where we were meant to be five minutes ago.

In a recent experiential stunt by airline company JetBlue – proven masters of experiential marketing – the brand highlighted that when people do take time to slow down and interact with the world around them, they might just stumble across an exciting and unexpected opportunity.

JetBlueRingingPhone Image 1.jpg

JetBlue placed a phone on a brightly coloured wall amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City. It was accompanied by the words “When a vacation to Bermuda calls, answer.”

You’d think it would be hard to miss, yet when it rang, not everyone jumped at the chance to pick up the phone.

For those who did, they were in for quite a pleasant surprise.

JetBlueRingingPhone Image 2.jpg

On the other end of the phone was a JetBlue representative offering them a free trip to Bermuda – triggering squeals of delight from those who got involved with the stunt.

This campaign from JetBlue is a great example of a simple yet effective stunt. Offering free trips, will no doubt trigger long-term brand loyalty from those lucky enough to take part.

JetBlue has shown time and time again that it likes to surprise and delight its customers and uses face-to-face interaction to generate excitement.

Take a look at when it targeted commuters at Jamaica Station in Queens, New York, to bring some light to a particularly grey day, or when it united passengers on a flight in a US election-themed experiment.

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