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BEcause to conduct all client meetings via Virtual Reality

By Vanessa Green

Experiential agency BEcause has announced that all future client meetings will be held using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings.

The initiative came as a result of a recent client survey, which found that the two most important areas for business growth were creativity and time-efficiency.AFVR.jpg

Director of the Unexpected at BEcause, Joss Davidge, says their bespoke headset, which they’ve named Autonomous Fidelity VR (or AFVR) will help revolutionise the client/agency relationship:

‘We wanted to come up with a solution to the two most critical client challenges. We’re all busy people with packed schedules and not enough time in the day. Our new state-of-the-art AFVR headsets allow clients to ‘meet’ with us in real-time, without having to leave their desk. And to get the creative juices flowing, we can hold our meeting in any environment we choose: a jungle, a beach, even on top of a mountain. The possibilities are truly endless.’

The AFVR headsets have been shipped to all client offices to help kick off the new initiative, which rolls out across the UK on 1 April. 

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