BEcause staff nominated for Event Industry People Award 2017


We’re chuffed to announce two BEcause Ireland staff have been nominated for an Event Industry People Award 2017.

Our Production Manager Shane Guerrini is nominated for Event Producer of the Year and Marketing Intern Rebecca O’Callaghan is nominated for Intern of the Year. EventPeopleAward.jpg

Event Producer of the Year looks at top Event Producers that have the perfect blend of creative and organisational skills to produce an event which captivates their audience and who has delivered an event in the past 12 months that exceeded all expectations.

Intern of the Year recognises someone who has worked above and beyond the call of duty, and who shows huge promise for the future.


From Friday, June 23rd onward only the top 3 entrants in each category will be shortlisted and continue to the final week of voting.

All votes count and any vote made now will be carried over to the shortlist round of voting.

The winners will then be announced on the Event Industry Awards website and social media pages the week before the Event Industry Awards ceremony, and they will be referenced during the EIA gala awards ceremony on Friday, July 14th at the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin. 

BEcause Ireland’s Xanadu campaign for Dropbox has also been nominated for an Event Industry Award in the Best Corporate Event category.

Thanks for everyone’s votes and fingers crossed for a win!  

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