Because launches This is Burj Khalifa an influencer campaign for Burj Khalifa, At the Top


We’re thrilled to have been appointed by Emaar Properties to deliver a content and influencer campaign to help raise awareness about the world’s tallest observation deck.

We worked with Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, to showcase its observation deck, At the Top, and bring the stories of the Dubai community to life.

The This is Burj Khalifa campaign features a mini-series of social media videos showcasing six of the most inspiring faces and stories from the Dubai community. Each video reveals the personal connection those micro-influencers have with Burj Khalifa in a human and intimate way. See our first campaign video below:

The iconic building is seen through the eyes of local professionals and creatives in a way that builds an emotional bridge to the architecture.

The campaign aims to tell the story of The Burj Khalifa through social media in a way that sets it apart from other global landmarks We wanted the experience to transcends its architecture and vista, telling the cultural story of how the world’s tallest building inspires and connects those that live and work within its view.

This is Burj Khalifa also features reaction shots of visitors admiring the breathtaking view from 555 meters above sea level for the very first time.

For all of us in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is a symbol of infinite possibilities and we wanted to hero that human empowerment that tourists worldwide could relate to. We decided to take a different approach by partnering with a range of local micro-influencers to create unique content in an innovative format. Through this mini-series, we’ll share great human stories, let local talent shine and inspire others.

Last year, we created a cross channel, dynamic influencer and content campaign for Emaar to help engage visitors across their properties and drive excitement and awareness about their new Wifi experience.

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