Because delivers showcase of innovation for Department of Education Victoria

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EduTECH, Australia’s premier education event, is a dynamic hub where educational pioneers and tech providers gather to explore, assess, and mould the future of education.

For the second consecutive year, Because Connected Experiences partnered with the Department of Education Victoria (DE VIC) to establish a substantial presence at the 2023 event.   

DE VIC had one of the largest stands (15m x 9m) to showcase its cutting-edge digital learning programs and projects, currently being implemented in Victorian Government schools. The primary objectives of the department’s participation were to highlight its innovative strides in digital learning, empower attendees to leverage technology for improved student learning outcomes, and promote engagement with Tech Schools and Science & Mathematics Specialist Centres. 

DE VIC’s stand theme for the 2023 was “State of The Art”. Created by Because, it was a clever play on words that emphasised the innovation in tech, maths, and science in the state of Victoria. 

The DE VIC stand was a bustling hotspot, representing diverse groups within its STEM centre network. This network is committed to boosting student engagement and success in STEM subjects through inventive programs that incorporate modern scientific theories in specialised learning environments.  

Showcased were Science & Maths Specialist Centres and Tech Schools including Knox Innovation, Opportunity & Sustainability Centre (KIOSC), and the STEM Centre of Excellence (SCoE), affiliated with Melbourne University and the Science Gallery Melbourne. 

The Science & Maths Specialist Centres exhibited an array of microscopes and pGLO bacterial plates under UV light, while the SCoE captivated attendees with a Lego display and ‘mars rovers’ from their Mission Control program.  

The Tech Schools showcased a variety of equipment, including a batak-style game for testing reactions, microscope art displays, and AR postcards that unveiled animated images upon scanning.  

By collaborating with the schools individually, Because ensured each had clearly distinct areas that met their specific needs. We executed a strategic design approach that not only enhanced interactivity at the event, but also enriched the overall attendee experience.  

We created a precise map of Victoria, highlighting the diverse school locations and categories. This visual aid proved invaluable for the exhibiting schools, enabling them to effectively engage with attendees and eliminate any potential confusion regarding their district locations. It was noted that more conversations were had with attendees on the first morning than the whole event last year!  

The DE VIC stand design was very well-received with the open layout facilitating smooth foot traffic and acting as a focal point for engaging dialogue around the map. This open space was also advantageous for the interactive display of autonomous robots. 

Because integrated visually striking elements such as V-shaped neon lights at the wall corners and a hologram, visible from afar. The hologram not only attracted attendees to the stand but it reinforced Victoria as an innovative state with an eye on the future. Moreover, our grand 10m banner, the largest in the hall, acted as a magnet, drawing attendees to the most extensive booth at the show. 

The combination of all these elements played a crucial role in the event’s success, reinforcing the Because team’s commitment to crafting engaging and effective trade show events that truly connect.  

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