Because continues global expansion with launch in New Zealand


It’s been a wild ride since we launched Because Australia in Sydney more than 5 years ago. Last year, I wrote about the highs and lows of the journey from start up to thriving business and what I learned along the way.

And while I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved in Australia, I’ve always wanted to pay respect to my NZ heritage by opening up shop in Auckland. I’m a born and bred Kiwi and while I love living in Sydney, I’ve always wanted to expand our business across the Tasman, which is why we’ll shortly be launching Because New Zealand.Auckland-1.jpg

Because’s global growth strategy is really quite simple – we want to be live on the ground in countries we like to visit with people we like to work with. Personally, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have an excuse to visit ‘home home’ more often!

So what benefits will our new offices have for our New Zealand clients?

Mirroring our clients approach

With a little seriousness thrown into the mix, you have to be ‘in it to win it’. With many of our clients also being responsible for the NZ as well as AUS market, being live on the ground makes great sense both professionally and personally.

Many Australian and New Zealand companies cover both markets from one base, so in the initial launch phase, we’ll follow suit but will naturally have a local activation team on the ground.  

Budgets are under pressure

With pressure on marketing budgets mounting, it makes sense commercially for companies and brands to share thinking across markets and reap the benefits of strategy and creative fees amortised across the Tasman, to ultimately deliver a better ROI.

Trans-Tasman differences
Whilst there are many similarities between New Zealand and Australia, being a homebred Kiwi, Ido of course recognise the differences in marketing culture and audiences. So we’ll work hard to make sure our strategies and creative concepts resonate with a Kiwi audience alongside in-depth local knowledge and talent to ensure seamless activations.

We have a fantastic plan in place to fast track our growth in both markets. For example, Because NZ will bring Virtual Reality to the market on a wide scale by capitalising on more than a dozen high-profile campaigns the Because group have now created for leading global brands.

We’ll be heading to Auckland early March to host our first award-winning experiential masterclass at The Square, Generator. More information and registration details can be found here.

Author bio


A proud Kiwi, living in Sydney with my English husband and two Aussie kids. An avid fan of music festivals, and keen ocean swimmer; I relish connecting talented people, and seeing the magical results they create for clients.