BBVA’s experiential water-dispensing ATM


Imagine you visited an ATM to withdraw some hard-earned money, only for nothing but water to come out. You’d be pretty upset, right?

For most of us, the sight of water rather than cold hard cash would be a very big disappointment. But for some, instant access to free-flowing clean water would be a truly remarkable thing indeed.

BBVA Bank Brand Experience

The people of El Verde in Peru often have to walk for three kilometres a day just to reach a well of contaminated water. In contrast, more often than not must of us reading this are never further than five minutes away from a cashpoint.

BBVA Continental Bank recently used an experiential cashpoint to provide an even more important resource than money. Delivering a remarkable initiative in Peru, BBVA allowed locals the opportunity to receive clean, uncontaminated water by simply pushing a button. With the water dispenser ingeniously housed within an ATM, it was a clever and effective campaign to position BBVA as a bank with a social conscience.

BBVA Bank Brand Experience

While only a short term solution to a huge problem, BBVA’s activation demonstrates the true value of water, a resource that at times can seem so trivial to us but which is truly very valuable.


Like Water for Africa’s Walking for Water campaign, this incredibly humbling and memorable experiential campaign successfully illustrates how something so simple can have such a powerful impact.

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