Vanessa Green


    Vanessa Green

    I’m a self-confessed content obsessive, using my journalism background to develop laser focused digital content to support our marketing strategy. You’ll never see me more excited than when I’ve found the perfect messaging for a campaign - or when I’ve won a game of Scrabble.
    Vanessa is the Global Content Director at Because.

    Blog posts by Vanessa Green


    Why blockchain is the future of marketing

    Do you hear the word blockchain and panic sets in? “What is it?” “How do I use it?”“What are bitcoins?”


    Celebrating International Women's Day 2019 with the leaders of Because

    From protests and female-focused seminars to art shows and business workshops, the voices of women around the globe will send out an important message today: We want balance.


    Big Interview – Paddy Davis of Because on The World of Experience

    The world of entertainment is all about creating an experience that people will enjoy.  That translates to the business world as well and experiential marketing has become one of the hottest areas in marketing.


    Meet Rachel Potter, our newest Account Manager in Australia

    You know what it's like when you head out to a party, and tell yourself you're only going to hang around for an hour or so, but then it's such a rager that you end up staying until like 4am? 


    Check out the new Because website

    We got a makeover! 


    Meet Chris Edwards, our Head of Design in the UK

    Talented designer? Check. World-class photographer? Check. Aspiring eye-wear model? Check. (OK, maybe not the last one - but he could be!).


    Meet Sarah Kelly, our Junior Account Executive

    There's nothing more impressive than an entrepreneurial spirit - especially if that entrepreneur happens to be fresh out of uni!


    Because Ireland names new Managing Director amid agency growth

    We're thrilled to announce that Paddy Davis will take over as Managing Director at Because Ireland, overseeing the future growth and expansion of the business.


    Meet Vanessa Green, our Global Content Director

    There’s nothing quite as strange as having to interview yourself for a staff profile, and yet, here we are.


    Meet Emma Browne, our Senior Account Director in the UK

    There's busy - and then there's working-mum-with-a-two-year-old-who-is-also-renovating-her-house-and-is-an-aspiring-music-video-star busy. Meet Emma Browne. 


    Because shortlisted for two 2018 UK Agency Awards

    We're thrilled to announce that we've been shortlisted for two 2018 UK Agency Awards.


    Meet Andrew Boland, our Account Director in Dublin

    There are some marketers that have been in this game a long, long time.