Sean Pelser

DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER I recently joined Because as a Data Management Assistant. I am passionate about using data and statistics in creative ways in order to create powerful, data driven campaigns. As far as achievements go, I currently hold the prestigious position as the youngest member of the Because family. When I’m not in the office you can find me at the beach, in the gym or reading.


How NFT’s are benefitting the luxury liquor industry.

NFTs, pretty digital pictures or pioneering brand assets? We say the latter for sure. Take a look at how NFTs are helping the luxury liquor industry solves some of their biggest challenges.


Dance for business.

Meet the revolutionary ebike service that empowers employees with a smoother, maintenance-free and more sustainable ride. Simply put, Dance’s new offering Dance for Business is good for your team, it’s good for the planet, and its engaging, easy and fun!