Augmented reality mirror shows the future


Let’s face it – we’re all curious to know what we are going to look like when we’re older.

But if you were offered the chance to find out right now, would you actually take it?

Students in Copenhagen have made this possible by creating an innovative prototype: one that reflects a version of what your future self is expected to look like, based on today’s lifestyle choices.


The prototype takes the form of a mirror. It collects data about fitness, health and diet and then predicts what you can be expected to look like within a year.

How does it do this? A digital screen and motion sensor technology is placed behind a mirror and, combined with some very clever augmented reality technology, the collected data is superimposed onto the reflection in real-time.


And the really cool part? Participants using the prototype have even been able to see the position of their bones and organs within their bodies. This breakthrough sheds a better understanding on the strains that lifestyle choices can put the human body through, and the long-term future effects.

With its creative use of augmented reality, this activation carries with it many crucial benefits.

This rare peek into the future gives participants the chance to see whether more gruelling hours at the gym may be needed, and brings to life fitness data that can be hard to visualise in a real-world setting.

It’s a great example of the power that augmented reality technology holds to captivate and get a message across.

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