Are you ready to ADD Positivity?


A big difference can be made by taking the smallest of steps.

That’s what we believe, and we want you to join us on a new journey. One in which marketing agencies are set to join together to make a positive impact on the world around us.

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ADD Positivity is a crowd-fundraising initiative with a difference: it’s designed by marketing agencies, for marketing agencies. The goal of ADD Positivity is to bring agencies together for the common good, and to raise funds for charities that support educational programmes for children both in the UK and internationally.

We’d love you to be part of it, and you can start today.

Who’s behind this?

The ADD Positivity Trust is being spearheaded by the founders of several successful companies: Sharon Richey, Because founder and CEO; Catherine Pinkney, founder of PayCircle; and Jennifer Irvine, founder of The Pure Package.Sharon.jpg

The founding trio are committed to ADD Positivity’s vision of contributing to the lives of individuals and having a positive, lifelong impact on communities – both now and in the future.

“Helping others is incredibly rewarding” says Sharon Richey. “I’ve always had a strong drive to do just that. Partly, it’s because of my upbringing, growing up in South Africa where social injustice and poverty is rife. But it’s also just entrenched in my DNA. I believe we each need to play a role in shaping a much wider world. It isn’t just the responsibility of the big corporates.”ADDP4.jpg

How can you get involved?

The non-profit organisation will be inviting support in three ways: give as you earn, supplier payback, and fundraising and donations. Industry charity events will be organised throughout the coming year, which interested agencies will be invited to take part in.

During the weeks ahead, marketing agencies across the UK and further afield will receive details of ADD Positivity’s official launch. We’ll be encouraging agencies to join together to fundraise in easy, affordable and impactful ways to change children’s lives.

In the meantime, donations to the ADD Positivity Trust can be made via JustGiving.

“When our lives get super-busy, it’s all too easy to concentrate on our own lives and businesses, and not consider the needs of those less privileged. But giving back to others is vital, and we all have a role to play. We invite marketing agencies to join us and make a difference.”

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