An experiential McDonald’s drive-thru takes to the streets


There are many reasons why drive-thru fast food services are so great.

For most of us, it’s the convenience and speed that is a winning combination – suiting incredibly busy lives. But drive-thrus are also perfect for diners that are simply too lazy to get out of their cars. And, let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another, right?

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Restaurant chain extraordinaire McDonald’s recently gave a new meaning to the term “fast food” with a clever, and pretty amusing, experiential campaign. The activation aimed to remind people that a McDonald’s drive thru can be found on the route of most journeys these days.

The brand created the ‘Drive-Truck’ and took it to the streets of Brazil. The truck mimicked a classic drive-thru, but instead of waiting for cars to approach it, it directly went to the traffic and therefore its consumers.

The truck was seen driving around the busy streets of Brazil, before pulling over in random locations and taking orders from passing cars, providing an incredibly unique brand experience.

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The brightly-coloured branded vehicle was certainly a head turner to say the least, generating tons of buzz amongst passersby, including those who didn’t choose to order anything.

This campaign from McDonald’s was a simple yet effective campaign that promoted not only the convenience of their popular drive-thru’s, but also the fact that with 36,899 restaurants worldwide, people are never far away from a Big Mac. When it comes to brand visibility, there aren’t many that can rival the power of the ‘golden arches’ these days.

By going directly to its consumers, McDonald’s cleverly cut through the noise of a hugely competitive marketing landscape, getting on the radar of many while enhancing brand love with this surprising, value-add approach.  

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