An enticing VR experience from Royal Caribbean


Virtual reality technology has become one of the most exciting marketing platforms over recent years.

Its ability to completely transport consumers away from their ordinary lives and enable them to delve into a surreal and unexpected worlds has allowed it to become the driving factor behind many successful experiential marketing campaigns.

We love seeing how different brands are incorporating this key modern technology, and how it’s enabling them to take experiential marketing to new heights.

The latest brand hooking on to the trend is Royal Caribbean Asia.

RoyalCaribbeanVirtualReality image 1.jpg

It decided virtual reality would be the perfect way to give potential travellers a small taste of the pure luxury they can experience on one of Royal Caribbean’s cruises – due to its ability to completely immerse consumers through sight and sound.

RoyalCaribbeanVirtualReality image 2.jpg

Royal Caribbean Asia’s virtual tour allowed consumers to explore the ship including the impressive swimming pool, dining area, rooms and deck, as well as more interactive features such as the bumper cars. Bringing it to life in vivid colour, right before their eyes.

Through simply using a headset and 360˚ video footage, Royal Caribbean Asia provided an experience as close to real life as possible, which is often enough to push consumers over the edge to make a purchase, or in this case a booking.

This campaign, named ‘Holideck’, was designed especially to be showcased at the NATAS Travel Fair, giving the right consumer group a virtual taste of the Royal Caribbean experience, through a creative idea and stimulation of the senses.

This isn’t the first travel brand to use virtual reality to entice travel enthusiasts. Take a look at when Davos Klosters transported shoppers to the slopes in an impressive VR experience that seamlessly blended the virtual world with reality.

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