Amazon Alexa Skills ‘Give Your Brand a Voice’ video series


A video series that showcases the true power of voice technology for brands.


Just a few years ago if you had told the world they’d be able to buy themselves a personal assistant, called Alexa, which they could keep on their kitchen counter and ask to do well, just about anything, they would have thought, ‘yeah right!’ Add that Alexa’s actually virtual and you’d be speaking to her through a speaker, and they would have looked at you as if you were teetering on the edge of crazy.

Yet here we are, sitting quite firmly in the age of the voice-controlled virtual assistant, with Amazon’s Alexa in more than 100 Million homes around the world.

Alexa has well and truly become part of millions of people’s daily routines; making to-do lists, streaming music, and providing real-time information, like weather and traffic reports, from simple voice commands.

‘She’s’ started to revolutionize the way people live, but Amazon’s virtual assistant is more than just a DJ or a weather reporter. Integrated with other brands and technology, she’s a force to be reckoned with, and her possibilities are quite literally endless.

So, when Amazon asked Because AU to help them showcase the incredible Skills some well-known ANZ brands have launched with Alexa, we leapt at the chance.

We directed and shot interviews with the different brand partners, capturing their approaches, from the ideation, to technical training, conceptualisation, development, barriers along the way, launches, and finally the impact it’s had on their business.

There are nine videos in total that share how these brands have truly embraced the power of voice technology. Eight films each focusing on a specific brand: Huggies, Coca-Cola Australia, Blind Low Vision New Zealand, Fox Sports, Nova Radio, Kinderling Kids Radio, Taste (FoodCorp) and AGL, and one hero film showcasing them all together.

The future of voice is certainly bright. As people become more comfortable with using the technology, their expectation will be that the brands they know and love will be too. You don’t want Alexa to be ‘lost for words’ when one of your consumers says, “Alexa, open (insert your brand name here)”. So, if you haven’t at least started tinkering in the voice space, it’s definitely time to start thinking about what the power of voice can do for you – before another brand does it before you…

Amazon Alexa’s ‘Give Your Brand a Voice’ series shows how vast the opportunity for brands really is when it comes to voice technology. There’s no doubt Alexa is revolutionizing the way people live, but it’s also giving brands the opportunity to reimagine how they connect with their consumers. The world is becoming more digital, but the beauty of voice technology is that it can be a seamless and invisible integration into your customers’ lives.

It’s an incredibly exciting new reality we’re living in, and we’re so thrilled to have been a part of this truly inspiring campaign. The only question is, will we be featuring your brand in ‘Give Your Brand a Voice’ season two?

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