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Adult only sampling machine dishes out indulgent treats

By Joss Davidge | 07/06/12 15:34

Here at BEcause we think that good conversation is very important, giving brands a voice and getting the right people talking is key. 


But getting your product into the right hands (sampling/trial) doesn’t always require face-to-face.  Have a look at this sampling machine positioned in a busy shopping centre.  The "adult" jell-o, their term for it not ours, is laced with alcohol and is positioned as an indulgent treat with branding that hints that it is a little naughty. Using state of the art facial recognition technology, the samples were dispensed to only those deemed old enough.  Those who received a sample certainly looked impressed and the technology is bound to spark a few conversations, even if it's just the delight of the machine mistakenly judging you as under 21, the charmer.

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