A Unique Virtual Platform For Temenos


Temenos Cubes launches at a much-anticipated global finance event. 


The Sibos virtual conference kicks off in a few days. It’s an annual banking and financial event that Temenos, the leading banking software company in the world, (and one of our favourite clients) has a presence at every year. It’s a much-anticipated global event for the financial community, and this year it’s going to be even more exciting as we’re launching something (or many somethings I should say) that we’ve been working on with Temenos for some time now – Temenos Cubes, a unique virtual platform.

The program was developed using a ground-breaking new digital platformVirtual Atoms. The platform allows the distribution of infinite digital tokens virtually. These smart digital assets are channel-agnostic, can work on any device and integrate AR, geolocation, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 5G connectivity, and gamification into one unique little pixel product. They can be designed as anything that we choose, and be assigned any value (monetary, VIP entry, exclusive content, competition prizes etc.).  

The Temenos Cubes were developed to engage, incentivise and reward high-value customers (HVC) as a way to augment the company’s lead generation.

As part of the initial launch of the campaign at Sibos, Temenos will be using the Cubes as a virtual competition tool to promote engagement. Conference attendees will be able to collect the Cubes in real time using Augmented Reality wherever they are in the world, literally. Once collected, the Cubes will be dropped in the attendee’s digital inventory, and their name will go into a prize draw. Winners will be announced daily.

After the event, Temenos will build on the Temenos Cubes platform to evolve the experience for future events in the coming months, and believe me, there are some exciting things to come. Follow Temenos on social media to find out more and for your chance to win.

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