A moving experience by women’s rights group


Time and time again we are seeing brands using experiential marketing to create excitement and provide consumers with fond memories, en route to enhancing brand loyalty. But experiential’s ability to raise awareness of incredibly important messages should not be overlooked.

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A recent project by Berlin women’s rights group Terre Des Femmes was created to shed some light on the shocking statistics that 1 in 4 German women are victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives.

For the campaign, the group created a specially customized photo booth. At first, unsuspecting passersby at a train station saw no difference in the booth. But when their pictures were printed, the hard-hitting message was unmissable and unforgettable.

By using advanced facial recognition technology, the photo booth was able to detect women’s faces. The machine then applied bruises and cuts to their face, on just one of the four photos when printed.

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The result was an extremely shocking reflection of reality for so many women.

To bring the message even closer to the surface, it was boldly written on the back of the photo strip supported by the hashtag #TogetherWeCanChangeThisPicture.

This activation by Terre Des Femmes sat back and waited for people to interact with it – aligning with its message that just because something isn’t obvious, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

This campaign no doubt triggered a strong emotional response from those who played a part in it, making it very successful in our eyes.

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