A joy-filled brand experience from Cadbury

Given the choice between receiving a gift right now or taking a chance on opening a mystery box, what would you do?

Would you play it safe, or would the allure of the unknown be too strong for you to pass up?


If we told you that the gift that you could have right now was delicious chocolate then perhaps that would make the decision easier for you.

In its latest experiential marketing campaign, Cadbury took over the iconic Ocean Terminal in Singapore to give passers-by the choice between either a Cadbury chocolate bar or unveiling a mysterious booth to receive ‘extra joy.’ As if there’s anything more joyous than free chocolate.

The participants that took a gamble on finding out what was inside the veiled booths were rewarded with performances from a range of artists, who entertained the gathered crowd while a brand ambassador bearing more than a passing resemblance to one Willy Wonka watched over the proceedings.


Using this quirky brand experience as an opportunity to publicly show off Cadbury’s range of products, the entertainment linked closely to the brand’s wide offering of chocolate goodies. Participants that chose smooth milk chocolate were rewarded with the sounds of smooth, classical music, while those that selected nutty chocolate received a very strange performance from some dancing squirrels. Of course.

Just like Honey Beer’s buzzing activation, Cadbury delivered a unique and exciting brand experience that created a buzz of excitement and left a great lasting impression on its audience.