A fresh perspective from HP in live festival experience


Music festivals are a great place to talk to consumers, but people are there to have fun, they don’t want to feel like a brand has marked them out as a key demographic for a marketing message. 


We have seen lots of brilliantly creative guerrilla marketing ideas at festivals over the years that engage revellers in brand messages, rather than bombard them.

Here is a nice example from HP.  At the Planeta Terra music festival in Sao Paulo, HP released a giant inflatable ball that was buffeted around by the crowd.  Inside the ball was a HD camera that fed pictures, captured on the ball’s jouney around the crowd, onto a big screen.  Images were also instantly sent to an area at the festival where you could print off the pics or share them online. 

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With nearly 30 years of marketing experience, both client and agency side, I’ve acquired a rare perspective on brands and business: I believe you have to challenge things creatively if you want to grow sales. Consumer technology is reshaping our world, and it’s only the great brands that stay on the crest.