A dog-friendly billboard experience


Some of the best experiential marketing campaigns are also the simplest.

A recent stunt by charity The Lost Dog Home perfectly illustrated how a simple idea, done well, can stimulate conversation and capture attention. And, let’s be honest, if you’re looking to turn heads in a positive way then man’s best friend is usually a good starting point.

Dogbillboardcampaign 2.jpg

The Lost Dog Home placed an interactive billboard in the middle of Melbourne’s busiest train station, Southern Cross, and tactfully offered commuters the chance to ‘Wait with a Mate’.

The immersive experience gave partakers the chance to play virtual fetch with a dog that appeared on the billboard screen. Through built in sensor technology, it tracked the real-time movements of participants, triggering the throwing of a virtual ball.

Dogbillboardcampaign 3.jpg

Bringing the experience from the digital to the real world, once the dog retrieved the ball, an actual ball was dispensed from the billboard – one that had important adoption information written on it. This allowed partakers to take a physical memento away from the experience, and gave an incentive to spread awareness of the charity’s work.

To add to the excitement, The Log Dog Home also took real-life pooches to the station, attracting even wider attention.  

This isn’t the first dog-friendly campaign that’s been a big success. Italian Cruise company GNV crated an experiential stunt involving our four-legged friends to promote its pet-friendly cabins.

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