Employees converted into brand-building advocates


The challenge

Westpac, a leading bank and financial services company in Australia, asked the Because team to create a potent campaign that would help transform its contractors and staff into brand advocates. This needed to be a comprehensive, integrated engagement project that made their employees feel just as valued as their customers, and to motivate them to recommend the services to their friends and families. A crucial requirement of this campaign: the team needed to raise awareness of the employees’ banking benefits so employees would naturally be more inclined to promote the bank’s services.



The Westpac group believes that their employees are their number one asset. And if they’re proud to bank with them, then they’ll have no problems convincing others to bank with them too. That’s why they offer contractors, employees and their family members fantastic banking benefits. However, the challenge is that very few of their staff and contractors know about these advantages.

The answer: the Because team created an internal campaign that showed Westpac’s partners and staff they were the Group’s number one customer. This meant shifting the focus from customers to staff and partners when it came to promoting the bank’s superior service and benefits.



The Because team created an expansive, year-long campaign called: ‘Good for You’, as that covered all the benefits and advantages of being an employee or partner in the Westpac group. The main thrust of the campaign was to reinvigorate the employee benefits and turn their employees into advocates. This immense campaign included a nationwide roadshow that was centred around a simple idea: the office watercooler



as a central conversation piece. That’s where people could come to find out about all the ‘good stuff’ that Westpac has to offer.

The campaign required managing hundreds of moving parts. Over 1,200 locations across the Westpac network regularly received branded cups, marketing collateral, and menu cards as well as fresh produce and recipe suggestions – and all of this was linked to the hero employee benefits. The bigger locations hosted live, staffed activations which drove reach, conversation, and engagement. The campaign was amplified through all internal digital channels, including the Westpac intranet and the messaging platform called Yammer.



Employee engagement is often driven both by science and emotion, and if you get this wrong, the ill-effects on company culture can harm both the bottom line and future profits.

This project combined a tactical campaign with an overarching experience platform that targeted the number one asset for Westpac: their employees and contractors. By having the right goals and harnessing innovative, but practical marketing strategies, the team improved the stats that counted. These included increased advocacy among employees’ friends and family, an over 340 per cent increase in the banking benefits page visitation, and a 95% reach of Westpac staff in the messaging.


If you’d like to ramp up your employee engagement and turn your staff into powerful brand advocates, contact us and we’ll partner with you to create a bespoke campaign with long-lasting benefits that compound over time. The result: you’ll have a company with motivated employees who not only are more productive and inspired, they’ll also help to market your company for you.

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