Engaging employees and stakeholders globally

The challenge

Temenos is the leading banking software company in the world, and they needed a way to engage their high-value customers (HVC) and to incentivise and reward them for continued engagement. This couldn’t be just a traditional loyalty programme you’d expect to see in a B2B format; it needed to be a tailored, integrated system that also increased lead generation and sales. Temenos also pride themselves on being a company which puts digital transformation first, so our solution needed to reflect this brand positioning.  

The idea

The answer was provided in a revolutionary digital platform that worked as an engagement conduit for digital and live events. This platform became both a community driver and currency exchange, as part of this new idea was the creation of a unique digital currency called Temenos Cubes. 

As the biggest banking software company in the world, the information that Temenos can provide is highly valuable, from increasing profits and cutting operating costs through to insight-driven wealth management advice. This virtual currency is based on knowledge as real value, and provides the tender for the new platform. The Temenos Cubes can be spent on education, experience, enrichment, and of course, engagement. The real value for Temenos: more engaged HVC’s, and upgraded lead generation.  


The success of this new digital platform and Temenos Cubes currency 


relied on state-of-the-art digital tokens called Virtual Atoms. This creative technology is channel-agnostic and can work on any device, which made them the perfect tool to engage customers across all of Temenos’s touchpoints at events like Money 2020, on social media, in face-to-face interactions, and digital experiences. As part of the initial launch of the campaign at Money2020, the first Cube users were also incentivised for their engagement by being entered into a free draw to win prizes. Customers could earn Cubes through virtual drops, or through engaging with the brand on other touchpoints. 

The Cubes could then be spent on white papers, invites to digital and live events, early access to financial reports, free trials of Temenos’s services, and even business consultancy and analysis sessions with the company’s leading experts and advisors. 

Dialling Up The Success

Temenos didn’t end up with a dull, cookie-cutter loyalty programme; they launched a revolutionary new digital platform and unique currency using virtual atoms. Not only did this new approach provide a powerful way to reward their high-value customers, it also upgraded their engagement and lead-generation. It levelled up their brand equity and separated them as pioneers and thought leaders in the banking software industry. It raised awareness of the brand in the markets that matter.  

If your company needs to transform its business development strategies into digitally-focused ones with higher levels of engagement and lead generation, contact us for a bespoke solution using creative technology that’ll reward you digitally and financially. 

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