Engagement built across borders


The challenge

Manulife is a global financial services and insurance company with hundreds of teams across 13 countries. Their challenge to Because: create a targeted employee engagement campaign that introduced the Manulife’s new vision, values, and visual identity, but which also aligned everyone to the same goals and brand mission. The company also stands for inclusion, so they needed the campaign solution to reflect this sentiment.


The idea

As a multi-national brand with different cultures, office environments, and work patterns across Canada, Asia, and the USA; Because needed something both memorable and effective to unite all the employees and to make them feel part of the global movement. It had to be inclusive and innovative, and it needed to emphasise the role that every single staff member had in implementing the company’s vision.



A ground-breaking interactive exhibition event was forged: Mission Mosaic. This creative technology harnessed bespoke digital photobooths with a pre-programmed quiz app, and these machines were installed in prominent Manulife offices around the world. The quiz introduced the staff members to the new brand values in an inventive, engaging way, and crucially, it also made the values easier to understand and implement. 


At the end of the quiz, the employees were able to take a fun photo which paired them with the brand value that resonated with them most.

The next step: those employee portraits were combined to create a mosaic, which was then broadcast across the world for everyone to see. This tech-based artwork helped the staff to feel part of one big family, and to put faces to the names of people that they’ve only previously dealt with on email.



If Manulife had stuck with traditional methods, like a mass email or video explainer to all the staff, they would have lost out on this inclusive experience which made the employees feel part of the movement, and which put a human face on their co-workers across the borders. Bottom line: it offered team-building and brand synergy on a global scale, and it entrenched the new company values in an innovative way that was engaging and memorable.

We’re global and we’ve got a virtual business model, which equips us to work seamlessly with multi-national companies. Our teams are structured to provide project management across several time zones: with Manulife we had client teams in China, Canada, and the UK to specifically serve their needs. If your company needs to galvanise their workforce or align them to a new brand vision, contact us now for a smarter, tech-enabled solution with human results.

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