The challenge

Jaffa Cakes are a national treasure, and the owners, McVitie’s, are an innovative market leader that loves to challenge conventions (something we have in common). So Jaffa Cakes approached us with the exciting news: they were set to launch their first TV ad since 2006. Their aim? To inspire their audience to 'Be What You Want to Be'. What they needed our help with, was bringing this message to life digitally, increasing brand engagement online and most importantly, driving their audience into stores to trial and buy their delicious treats.

The idea

From the start our approach was to bring Jaffa’s message to life in a way that enabled us to connect all the different channels, creating a seamless omni-channel campaign that would drive sales. This was made possible by using a pioneering new technology, Virtual Atoms (VA) - a form of NFTs. We used these smart pixel partners to create an innovative at-home Augmented Reality (AR) experience incorporating the TV ad, that engaged and rewarded ‘Jaffanatics’ in a new way, before leading them straight to Jaffa-stocked stores.

The solution

With the ultimate goal of rewarding consumers whilst driving sales, we created a customised Jaffa Cake’s Virtual Atoms-powered platform that housed the full multi-channel campaign. And in a market-first (for those in the know, you’ll get that this was no small feat), we integrated the redemption of Virtual tokens received by participants using the platform, across the four top grocer chains in the UK: Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury, and Asda. This enabled winners to take their digital tokens straight to the retailer to claim their prizes, therefore driving footfall.

So here’s how it worked: After signing-up and watching the ‘TV’ ad on the VA platform, consumers were asked to ‘drop a pin’ to show their location. This allowed them to use their phone camera to view and collect bespoke digital tokens right in their own homes. The tokens were designed to be iconic elements from the TV ad (a crown, roller-skate, and of course, a Jaffa Cake), and by unlocking these tokens, the players could win different surprises.


These included face filters (a Jaffa-Cake themed one), a cash prize for a few lucky winners and tokens for packs of Jaffa Cakes that could be redeemed in store which helped us seal the deal when it came to campaign effectiveness. To amplify and drive awareness of this digital-and-real-world campaign, Jaffa Cake’s also ran paid ads on TikTok and on their social channels (Fb, IG, and Twitter). They also collaborated with talented TikTok creators and influencers to craft bespoke ‘Be What You Want to Be’ content.



The real success behind this campaign was the use of Virtual Atoms to build a platform that seamlessly connected all the channels, allowing us to create a truly omni-channel campaign which ultimately drove our audience into Jaffa-stocked stores. The combined reach of the top retailers we partnered with was over 6,500 stores nationwide, and 83% of players who collected Jaffa Cake VA’s downloaded the redeemable vouchers. Integrating the redemption of the digital voucher meant the tie-in between a digital experience and a retail execution was a seamless one.

The results showed that all the ingredients combined beautifully: the CTR was five times higher than the target and other McVitie’s core campaigns. Almost 60% of users signed on for future communications, which is data-capture gold. There were over 43,000 registered users and an 83% rate of engagement to redemption. Using VA’s allowed the brand to connect with customers in a new (COVID-safe) way, and it also enabled them to collect valuable information that will shape future strategies and solve future brand challenges. The bottom line? The Virtual Atoms technology and slick omni-channel strategy helped Jaffa sell like hot cakes.

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