Staff event transformed into brand festival


The challenge

Hive is the UK’s most popular smart home provider, and one of the most forward-thinking tech-based companies in the world. Their brief to Because: how should they inspire, entertain and reward their employees, and as a secondary goal, what is the best way to share their future business plans and objectives. Hive required a high-level of employee engagement, something that was memorable, informative, and fun. They wanted to unite their whole workforce, and stoke brand love in one integrated global summit. This couldn’t be a traditional employee conference or bog-standard corporate event: this needed to reflect the inventive and creative nature of Hive.


The idea

To rally employees globally and create a workforce that’s driven toward the same goals, Because built a large-scale, impactful internal conference called Hivefest that elevated employee engagement beyond shared business objectives. This innovative event couldn’t be held in stuffy boardrooms or at a tired conference centre; it needed to leverage off a trendy location that’s well-known for its warehouse culture and London vibe.


The solution

Hivefest redefined the company’s employee engagement, and went beyond what was expected by the staff. It had expert production standards, professional scripts, stylised graphics, and transitions, and offered smart features that rocked employee engagement. It was housed at a trendy downtown warehouse, and it offered insightful Ted Talk-style



shows and was fuelled by flavour-packed street food vendors.

There were also smart breakout and team-building sessions which not only helped to unify and motivate the staff, but they also introduced them to new clients and smart home partners.

One of the biggest highlights of Hivefest for the staff: the high-energy closing concert. This musical tribute celebrated the company’s success, and it recognised and rewarded the employees. It was a bespoke concert with a medley of musicians and DJs, and it ensured that the event enjoyment and shared-brand messaging were indelible in the minds of everyone who attended.


Dialing up the success

Sticking with old corporate communications scripts and traditional employee engagement programmes are a sure-fire way to get mediocre results in modern business. If you want to reflect your company’s innovative brand identity in the way you inspire, guide, and reward your staff, then you need to use techniques which reflect that.


That’s where Because enters the stage. Let us become your new brand partners, and we’ll use cutting-edge technology and smart strategies to help you connect more effectively with your employees. We’ll empower them to solve your objectives as one high-functioning A-team. We’ll flex creative muscles and push boundaries to create one-of-a-kind events, and they’ll be tailored to crush your marketing goals.

Contact us now, and we’ll rock the stage together.

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