Hive at CES

Virtual tools used to gain real-life results


The challenge

Hive Home offers a revolutionary way of controlling and enhancing the space in which you live, right from upgrading your security through to customising your lighting and temperature. Best of all, it’s all done through one easy-to-use, award-winning app. This high-tech system of smart home products deserved an extraordinary experience, one which wowed the seen-it-all-before, tech-savvy crowd at the world’s largest consumer technology show: CES in Las Vegas. This challenge required innovation and creativity: and it needed to promote these tools as industry-leaders in a tightly-fought segment.


The idea

While there are plenty of incredibly fancy tech tools and gadgets at CES, the practical strength of Hive’s Home had to shine brighter than all of them. To show how a connected home works at a glance, Because created a range of real-life scenarios and a slick VR home tour in which the Home technology was shown to work seamlessly and effectively. This two-pronged approach used the best of live selling techniques and slick digital tools to help promote the strengths of the Hive Home products among the high-value customers and the tech journalists. 


The solution

The team focused on the most critical strengths of all the products: the benefits the Hive ecosystem provides for homeowners and people who want more control of their lives. They used a branded storytelling approach, one in which both personalities and creative ‘home’ settings were created to convey how the Hive products worked.



The highlight and focal point of the launch was the first look at the Hive Home View, the stylish high-definition indoor security camera. These home settings were bolstered by Virtual Reality (VR) tours, ones which showed how the Hive products worked seamlessly together.


Dialing Up The Success

The overall result: the Hive Smart Home stand generated a flurry of sales and unprecedented levels of recall. This was thanks to the way it harnessed creative technologies like VR, and combined it with face-to-face storytelling techniques and compelling exhibition design. The Hive Home stand was both innovative and practical, and it attracted the attention of key retail partners, journalists, and customers – and for the right reasons. It immediately conveyed the benefits of these advanced tools, but in a smart way that instantly revealed how their lifestyles could be improved by using Hive Home.

The question: how do you impress people that have seen it all tech-wise? By telling them a compelling story which places them as the lead character, and which reveals how these high-tech home advancements are going to help them live better lives – both virtually, and in reality.


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