Steering the brand to higher sales


The challenge

Continental is one of the world’s most successful tyre manufacturers, and one of their most critical commercial relationships is with Kwikfit. Kwikfit holds an annual conference for their sales team, and the challenge set for the Because team was to create a Continental stand that would engage the Kwikfit staff, give them a highly memorable experience, and showcase the benefits of the products compared to rival brands. The bottom line: they needed Kwikfit employees to recommend Continental tyres to the customers who visited their garages.



The solution to this problem required some out-of-the-box thinking to get the most mileage out of the limited event stand space (8m x 5m) and to make Continental top-of-mind for Kwikfit staff. The answer: the team utilised cutting-edge immersive technology and a space-savvy stand design to craft a creative experience that the employees had never seen before. Not only did the stand have to look fantastic in terms of branding and awareness, but it also had to harness several interactive mechanics to engage and motivate the Kwikfit crowd, and to bring the brand’s marketing messages to life.



The Continental stand had to provide an attention-grabbing, brand-bolstering experience that elevated it as the recommended tyre choice and positioned it as an innovative, high-performance brand. One of the smartest tech tools at the stand: a Virtual Reality (VR) racing game called Radial G that was rebranded to look and feel like a Continental game. This next-gen brand association helped to entrench the brand promise of being ‘the future in motion’.

The customers wore VR headsets across four racing seats, and



competed against each other to place on the tightly contested leaderboard for bragging rights and the chance to win prizes. This played to the competitive nature of the sales teams and revved up the engagement at the conference. In fact, we had to introduce waiting times to handle all the people that were itching to take on their colleagues and frenemies!

The Radial G game wasn’t the only attraction; there were also two VR-equipped bikes which offered riders the chance to race the Prudential Ride London course at speeds of a pro, and again, which brought to life the brand’s messaging around road traction.



Continental needed a gripping brand display that caught the attention of the Kwikfit staff, and which never took its foot off the pedal. That’s exactly what they got, thanks to the smart use of creative technology like VR and tried-and-trusted customer experience engagement methods. The Kwikfit customers learnt about the Continental products while playing, and that helped to ingrain their unique selling points and competitive advantage in the minds of the staff. Continental was represented as a pack-leading, premium manufacturer of car, van, and off-road tyres, and the brand partnership with Kwikfit was strengthened. But most importantly, the Kwikfit employees are now much more likely to recommend Continental as a brand to their customers nationwide.


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