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More customers landed with creative experiences


The challenge

Changi Airport isn’t just one of the busiest airports globally, it’s a world-renowned destination in its own right, having been rated as the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax for the seventh consecutive year. The holding company, Changi Airport Group (CAG), has a well-deserved label as an ‘Innovator of Experience,’ thanks to their use of cutting-edge technology and unforgettable customer experiences. Hence, they needed their exhibition stand at Singapore Airshow, Asia’s largest aerospace and defence event, to showcase innovation, to drive engagement and social media amplification, and to highlight their ambitious growth plans. The stand experience had to turn heads for the right reasons and provide futuristic, and highly shareable fun.


The idea

Changi Airport has always put customer experience first and strived to make trips there memorable, whether through harnessing ground-breaking technology, or introducing world firsts like their spectacular Butterfly Garden or the Jewel retail eco-complex. The Because team answered this need for innovation and novel experiences by turning the whole exhibition into an interactive festival, with plenty of high-tech tools and bespoke digital adventures. The attendees at the Airshow represented all the major businesses in aviation globally, so this exhibition needed to set Changi apart from the crowd.


The solution

Two of the most memorable examples of the digital adventures that Because created for the Airshow were the high-tech interactive projection walls and virtual trampoline games; and both brought the CAG content themes to life. When visitors touched certain parts of the wall, animated stories would be triggered to deliver key information about the airport, its future goals, and sustainability projects.



The interactive trampoline took players on a bounce-filled virtual adventure through the airport and explored all the highlights. The participants had to jump to avoid obstacles, collect digital butterflies to release back into the garden, and even score points to win prizes. At the end of the game, players could pose for a personalised 360° GIF of themselves. As with all the other experiences, it was designed to be shared on social media. This helped to amplify all these memorable interactions on social media outside the walls of the airport.


Dialing up the success

The CAG group deserved more than a traditional exhibition with seen-before stands, and that’s exactly what Because delivered. The team provided a sensory showcase of cutting-edge technology and game-changing experiences, which embodied CAG’s reputation as the best and most innovative airport. The future-forward festival drove engagement and promoted theirplansin a tailored, memorable way. These interactions had everyone smiling, from young children to the Prime Minister of Singapore and his government officials. They all had fun catching digital butterflies and bouncing through the never-seen-before adventures at Changi Airport. Crucially, it also drove their inhouse Changi Rewards, which boosted the business of the shops within the airport.  


This wasn’t Because’s first airport success: we also helped stir up all the right kind of brand conversations with our avant-garde sensory pop-up with Bombay Sapphire and Australia at Sydney Airport. If you’d like to take your business to new heights in customer experience and engagement, contact us now for customised solution using creative technology and global strategy. 

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